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Sepura SRH3900 TEA2 380-430MHz

Sepura SRH3900 TEA2 380-430MHz

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Vare nr.  Sepura SRH3900

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    - Sepura handheld
    - DMO-repeater
    - Transflective screen
    - Colour display

    The SRH3900 is a TETRA hand-portable that is designed to withstand day to day use in some of the harshest environments found in the public safety, public transport and utilities markets. Featuring a large, high resolution colour display, loud, clear audio and extensive data capability, the SRH3900 is in extensive use worldwide by a huge variety of organisations.

    DMO repeater option
    One of the SRH3900's key features is the DMO repeater option. It 'repeats' direct mode voice and data traffic, thereby extending geographical communication range between participating radios. 

    Hi-resolution transflective screen
    The high-contrast display works under any lighting conditions, making it ideal for operation in a wide variety of conditions and environments across the world.  The display is in colour when the backlight is on - and in greyscale when the backlight is off.

    Extensive options
    As well as a user interface that supports Latin, Arabic, Cyrillic, Chinese and Korean character sets, the SRH3900 also features an ergonomic keypad, with large, well -spaced keys to ensure easy, accurate operation -every time.

    Height: 130mm
    Width: 58mm
    Depth: 30mm

    Radio without Battery: 143g
    With Standard Battery: 214g
    With High Capacity Battery: 247g

    Frequency Bands
    380 - 430MHz

    Power Supply
    7.4V (nominal) Lithium Ion Intelligent
    Battery packs -
    1230mAh Standard Pack
    2000mAh High Capacity Pack
    Hot battery swap1

    RF Performance
    1W RF Power (customisable)
    Adaptive Power Control supported
    RF power control in 3 steps of 5dB
    Receiver (Class A and B)
    --112dBm static sensitivity
    --103dBm dynamic sensitivit

    Product Performance
    Dust & Water protection to IEC529 IP54
    (Cat. 2)
    ETS 300 019 Drop & Vibration
    Storage Temp -40°C to +85°C4
    Operating Temp -20°C to +60°C

    Data services and applications
    Status Messaging (in TMO & DMO)
    SDS Messaging (in TMO & DMO)
    Concatenated SDS Messaging
    Remote control via Status triggered functions
    Multi-slot Packet Data
    Circuit Mode Data
    TETRA Pager and Call Out
    WAP Browsing
    Short Data Applications
    Lone Worker Feature
    SDS via DMO Gateway

    PEI Data via RS232 and USB Data Cables
    Audio Connections via Rugged Accessory 

    Display and user interface
    Hi-resolution display (128 X 128) pixels, 
    Transflective TFT screen with 65,536 colours
    Wide viewing angle and readable in complete 
    darkness to bright sunlight
    Active area of 37 mm X 23 mm
    Normal & Large Text option (double the 
    standard size)
    Invert screen Text
    Configurable backlight intensity
    Screensaver Privacy screen
    Configurable Soft Keys
    Vibrate Call/message
    Call History 
    Telephone/Radio Phone Book (2000 entries)
    Phone Book (2000 entries)
    9900 Talkgroups in TMO/DMO
    5000 Multi-Level Talkgroup Folders
    Intelligent Search Facility
    Quick Groups
    Transmit Inhibit with on/off Status messaging
    Fixed & definable Scan Lists
    Remaining Charge Time Indication
    Independant Volume Control

    Voice services
    Full Duplex Calls (to MS and PABX/PSTN)
    Half Duplex Calls (Individual and Group)
    Late Entry
    Priority Call
    Emergency Call (Pre-emptive Priority Call)
    Talking Party Identity
    Calling Line Identity Presentation
    DTMF Dialling
    Ambience Listening
    Privacy Mode
    Whisper Mode
    Group Focus
    Dynamic Group Number Assignment
    Background (hidden) Groups
    DMO Individual Call
    DMO Group Call
    DMO Emergency Call
    DMO Intelligent Emergency Call

    Location based services (SRH3900 SGPS)
    Fully Integrated GPS receiver
    - 182dBW (-152dBm) acquisition sensitivity
    - 185dBW (-155dBm) tracking sensitivity
    Over the Air GPS reporting using the following 
    • ETSI Location Standard Reporting (LIP) 
    • NMEA & 
    • Sepura Compact Message
    Position Assist
    Over the Air GPS management
    Location reporting to two identities
    GPS based Compass

    Class 1, 2 and 3 TETRA Security 
    Air Interface Encryption,
    TEA1/2 /3 /4 Supported2
    PIN and PUK Entry
    Software Authenticity and protection employing 
    Digital Signature
    Fully Integrated End to End hardware with 
    tamper protection
    Public & private Algorithm E2E support enabled 
    via software upgrade2
    Multiple E2E Algorithm support2
    Smart Card E2E Encryption support2
    Temporary Disable/Enable
    Permanent Disable

    DMO Repeater services (Licence required)
    DMO Voice Repeated
    DMO Tone Signalling Repeated
    Group Status & SDS Repeated
    Type 1A Efficient Operation over one 
    Frequency Channel
    Presence Signal Support
    Emergency Call 
    Monitoring & Participation in Call

    Personal Charger
    Vehicle DC Charger
    1+1 Desktop Charger
    6+6 Desktop Charger
    12 and 24 Way Battery only Chargers
    Wide Range of Antennas
    Stud and Belt Attachments
    Rugged Belt Clip
    Rugged and Soft Leather Cases
    Remote Speaker Microphone
    Hands-Free Kit 
    Personal Ear Pieces
    Public Order Accessories
    Semi-Covert Accessories
    Feature-rich Car Kit
    Serial and USB Data Leads
    4 & 8 Way Programming Pods