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Sepura SBP8040

Sepura SBP8040

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- 400-470 MHz (UHF)
- With GPS
- Portable
- Keypad
- Display
- GPS antenna
- 2000 mAh li-ion battery
- Belt clip
- User guide
- 24 months warranty

Sepura: the solid choice for your move to digital mobile radio
Sepura has a pedigree that can be traced back, through wellknown names such as Phillips and Pye, over 100 years in radio communications. The company has been a world leader in the digital sector for over 15 years. We have already shipped over one million digital radios, have a global footprint and are the market leader in many countries around the world. Built on providing robust, secure solutions for use in tough, harsh environments and utilising open standards to ensure total interoperability for users, Sepura’s unique DMR product family remains true to these principles and provides a total DMR solution.

Other key benefits of moving to Sepura DMR include:
› Interchangeability with Sepura current/established accessories which means that users have access to a wide, well thought-out accessories range
› Access to a range of new and existing data applications via the industry-standard peripheral equipment data interface (PEI)
› Sepura product quality and reliability
› Support from a leading global supplier that is dedicated to open standards

The SBP8000 series comprises two advanced, fully-functioned

DMR hand-portables:
› The SBP80xx model has a full keypad and colour screen and is designed for users who require full access to a wide range of functionality
› The SBP83xx model is designed for users requiring access to basic functionality and has no keypad or display. Easy to use with gloved hands, this model also features coloured inserts to enable differentiation between teams or groups of users.

The series offers numerous benefits, including
› Waterproof / submersible and dust-proof (IP67)
› Designed to the highly robust MIL-Standard 810G (designed to withstand shock, vibration etc)
› Outstanding audio quality and sensitivity
› Exceptional battery shift life (up to 12 hours with a standard battery)
› Intuitive user interface
› Range of additional applications (such as dispatchers)
› Range of applications, including Man-Down and GPS
› Options board capability to enable features such as indoor positioning

This Is a range of DMR hand-portable radios which offer outstanding levels of robustness and ruggedness, combined with the advanced functionality and quality that users across a broad spectrum of businesses and industries demand from their digital radio communications. The series features products in both UHF and VHF frequencies and also has two distinct variants - full keypad and no keypad - to meet differing user operational requirements. The SBP8000 series has been designed for users operating in market sectors such as:
› Construction
› Facilities Management
› Healthcare
› Hospitality
› Logistics
› Manufacturing
› Retail
› Security
› Sports and Leisure
› Transport
› Education
› Municipalities
› Public transport
› Hotels

The key digital features that the SBP8000 offers include:
› All Call
› Broadcast Call
› Group Call
› Private Call
› Busy Channel
› Scanning and Priority Scanning
› Transmit Inhibit
› Transmit Interrupt
› Call Alert
› Contact List
› Caller ID
› Dual Capacity Direct Mode
› Emergency Call
› Emergency Call & Live Mic
› Remote Monitor
› End to End Encryption
› Radio Enable/Disable/Kill
› Lone Worker
› Man Down
› Radio Check
› Status Messages
› Text Messaging
› Zones
› Vox
› 5-tone / Selcall signalling
› MDC1200 Signalling


Channel capacity: 1024
Frequency: 136-174MHz, 400-470MHz
Dimensions: 130 x 62.5 x 37 mm
Weight: 367 g
Power supply: Li-Ion battery (2000mAh standard battery and 2500 mAh hi-cap battery)
Battery life: (@5/5/90 duty cycle):
12 hours (standard battery),
16 hours (hi cap battery)
LCD: 1.77” TFT (full keypad model only)
Zones: 248
Multiple language capability


Channel spacing: 12.5kHz, 20kHz, 25kHz (analogue), 12.5kHz (digital)
Frequency stability: ± 0.5.ppm (-30°C - +60°C)
Analogue sensitivity: -118dBm (12dB sinad)
Digital sensitivity: <5%BER @ -120dBm
Intermodulation TIA-603 -70db @12.5/20/25KHz
Rejection: ETSI -65db@12.5/20/25KHz
Adjacent channel TIA–603 -60dB @12.5KHz
selectivity (analogue): TIA–603 -70dB @20/25KHz
ETSI -60dB @12.5KHz
ETSI -70dB @20/25KHz
Adjacent channel TIA – 603 -60dB @12.5KHz
selectivity (digital): ETSI -60dB @12.5KHz
Spurious rejection: TIA-603 -70db @12.5/20/25KHz
ETSI -70db @12.5/20/25KHz
Rated audio: >1W
GPS: TTFF – <60 seconds (cold start), <10 seconds (hot start)
Distortion at Rated Audio: <3%
Audio Frequency Response: 300Hz-3KHz, +1/-3dB
Hum & Noise: -43dB


Frequency stability: ± 1.5ppm (-30°C to +60°C)
Power output: 1W/4W
Modulation limiting: ±2.5kHz @ 12.5KHz, ±4kHz @ 20KHz, ±5kHz @ 25KHz
Conducted / radiated emissions: -36dBm (<1GHz), - 30dBm (>1GHz)
Adjacent channel power: 70dB (analogue), 60dB (digital)
Audio response: 300Hz – 3kHz, +1/-3dB
Audio distortion: <0.5% at 60% deviation (analogue) <0.5% @ 5% BER (digital)
Digital Vocoder: AMBE2+
Digital protocol: ETSI TS 102 361 -1, -2 & -3


Operating temperature: -30°C to +60°C
Storage temperature: -40°C to +85°C
Humidity: MIL std: 810 C, 810 D, 810 E, 810 F, 810 G
Environmental: IP67 (waterproof, protection rating: submersible & dustproof)
MIL std: 810 C, 810 D, 810 E, 810 F, 810 G
Shock, Drop & Vibration: ETS 300-019-2-7