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Icom IC-7410

Icom IC-7410

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Bedømmelse af Icom IC-7410
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- Faster DSP unit and in-house DSP expertise
- Double-conversion superheterodyne
- +30dBm third-order intercept point (IP3)
- Three first IF filters (3/6/15kHz)
The Best Balance of Technology, Performance and Fun!

Faster DSP unit and in-house DSP expertise
Icom brings out the best DSP performance combining more than ten years of DSP technical know-how and much faster DSP processors. Icom's in-house DSP experts have developed a IC-746PRO/7400 series replacement that every operator will be proud to own. In addition to the higher speed DSP, the AD/DA converter, AK4620B, provides a higher dynamic range and superior S/N ratio.

Double-conversion superheterodyne
Introduced with the IC-7800, a double conversion superheterodyne design, with an image rejection mixer for the 2nd mixer stage is employed in the IC-7410. This receiver design not only reduces the electronic complexity, it greatly reduces the number of internal distortion points from older triple and quadruple conversion receivers.

+30dBm third-order intercept point (IP3)
In Icom's continuing efforts to create the best receiver, the design of the IC-7410 incorporates the latest in DSP software technology and Icom's analog RF circuit experience for a +30dBm* IP3, rivaling the IC-7600. The end result, clear reception of weak signals surrounded by QRM from broadcast and neighboring ham stations.* In 14MHz band.

Three first IF filters (3/6/15kHz)
The IC-7410 accommodates three 1st IF filters with the 15kHz, 1st IF filter supplied, while the 3kHz FL-431 and 6kHz FL-430 are optional for better receiver performance by protecting the desired signal from nearby strong signals. (Fixed for 15kHz in FM mode.)

Large, multi-function LCD
The display increases in width from the IC-746PRO/7400 series. The large multi-function LCD shows frequency, 9-character channel name, channel number, multi-functional meter (includes S-meter, RF output, SWR, ALC and COMP level). The dot-matrix portion of the LCD shows the following items:
- Channel name
- Function key assignment
- Band scope
- RTTY decoder screen
- Memory keyer contents
- Graphical SWR scale

USB connector for PC control
The IC-7410 has a standard type B USB connector and can be connected to a PC. Modulation input, audio output, RTTY demodulator output and CI-V command can be controlled via the USB cable. Also, the conventional CI-V remote control jack is built in to the IC-7410.

RTTY demodulator and decoder
The built-in RTTY demodulator and decoder allow you to instantly read an RTTY message on the display. No external units or PC required. The built-in tuning indicator visually helps in critical tuning.

Simple band scope
The built-in simple band scope shows the band condition at a glance and is handy for searching for active stations.

Wide range of DSP features
Using the latest algorithms, the digital features give flexibility and speed needed for working in tough RF conditions.
- Digital IF filter allows you to choose filter width and shape factor
- Digital Twin PBT eliminates interference by changing the IF bandwidth and/or shifting the IF frequency
- AGC loop management with programmable AGC time constant
- Auto/manual Notch Filter provides more than 70dB attenuation and eliminates unwanted beat tones
- Noise Reduction can enhance the receiver's signal-to-noise ratio
- Noise Blanker reduces interference from pulse-type noise
- RF Speech Compressor increases average talk power, improving signal strength and readability
- User programmable tone control: microphone equalizer, SSB transmit passband width, receive HPF/LPF and receive audio equalizer



Frequency coverage:
USA version

1.800–1.999MHz 3.500–3.999MHz
5.255–5.405MHz* 7.000–7.300MHz
10.100–10.150MHz 14.000–14.350MHz
18.068–18.168MHz 21.000–21.450MHz
24.890–24.990MHz 28.000–29.700MHz
Frequency coverage:
Europe, Europe-01 version

1.810–1.999MHz 3.500–3.800MHz
7.000–7.100MHz (Europe)
7.000–7.200MHz (Europe-01)
10.100–10.150MHz 14.000–14.350MHz
18.068–18.168MHz 21.000–21.450MHz
24.890–24.990MHz 28.000–29.700MHz
Number of channels 101 (99 regular, 2 scan edges)
Antenna connector SO-239×2 (50Ω)
Power supply requirement 13.8V DC ±15% (negative ground)
Temperature range 0°C to 50°C; +32°F to +122°F
Frequency stability Less than ±0.5ppm
(0°C to 50°C; +32°F to +122°F)
Dimensions (W×H×D)
(projections not included)
315×116×343 mm;
12.4×4.57×13.5 in
Weight (approx.) 10.2kg; 22.4lb
* Some frequency bands are not guaranteed.


Output power
(continuously adjustable)

Modulation system SSB:
Digital PSN modulation

Digital low power modulation

Digital phase modulation
Spurious emission Less than -50dB (HF bands)
Less than -63dB (50MHz band)
Carrier suppression More than 40dB
Unwanted sideband suppression More than 55dB
Microphone impedance 600Ω (8-pin connector)


Receive system Double conversion superheterodyne
Intermediate frequencies 1st: 64.455MHz
2nd: 36kHz
Sensitivity (typical) SSB/CW: (10dB S/N)
1.8–29.9MHz 0.16μV*1
50–54MHz 0.13μV*2

AM: (10dB S/N)
0.5–1.8MHz 12.6μV*1
1.8–29.9MHz 2.0μV*1
50–54MHz 1.6μV*2

FM: (12dB SINAD)
1.8–29.9MHz 0.5μV*3
50–54MHz 0.32μV*3
Squelch sensitivity
(Pre-amp: ON)
SSB: Less than 5.6μV
FM: Less than 0.3μV
Selectivity (representative value) SSB (BW: 2.4kHz, sharp)
More than 2.4kHz / –6dB
Less than 3.4kHz / –40dB

CW (BW: 500Hz, sharp)
More than 500Hz / –6dB
Less than 700Hz / –40dB

RTTY (BW: 350Hz, sharp)
More than 500Hz / –6dB
Less than 800Hz / –40dB

AM (BW: 6kHz)
More than 6.0kHz / –6dB
Less than 10.0kHz / –40dB

FM (BW: 15kHz)
More than 12.0kHz / –6dB
Less than 22.0kHz / –40dB
Spurious and image rejection ratio More than 70dB
Audio output power
(at 13.8V DC)
More than 2.0W at 10% distortion with an 8Ω load
RIT variable range ±9.999kHz
PHONES connector 3-conductor 6.35 (d) mm (1⁄4″)
EXT SP connector 2-conductor 3.5 (d) mm (1⁄8″) /8Ω
*1 Pre-amp 1 ON
*2 Pre-amp 2 ON
*3 28–29.7MHz

Antenna tuner

Matching impedance range HF bands:
16.7–150Ω unbalanced*1

50MHz band:
20–125Ω unbalanced*2
Minimum operating power HF bands:

50MHz band:
Tuning accuracy VSWR 1:1.5 or less
(SWR after the motor has stopped)
Insertion loss (after tuning) 1.8MHz band:
1.2dB or less

3.5–50MHz bands:
1.0dB or less
*1 Less than VSWR 1:3
*2 Less than VSWR 1:2.5

All stated specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.